The Twentieth Century

The first half of the twentieth century saw a series of changes for the church. On April 6, 1913, the congregation decided to purchase a new, single-manual pipe organ. On April 26, 1925, the congregation resolved to introduce English services starting with one English service per month. In the spring of 1928, every building on the church grounds were wired for electricity. In 1940, the original church building, built in 1854, was razed to build a new garage. In 1944, the congregation elected to have a full basement placed under the church building. On March 11, 1948, Pastor Kitzerow passed away, having served Trinity as her pastor for almost twenty-three years. After Pastor Kitzerow passed away, Trinity tried unsuccessfully to call another pastor. On June 28, 1948, the congregation decided to build a new parsonage. The parsonage was dedicated on June 12, 1949.

On April 1, 1951, it was decided that stained glass windows complete with outside storm windows should be installed in the sanctuary. Later that year, new plumbing and an automatic oil burning furnace was installed in the basement. In 1960, an extensive remodeling was done for the entire church building. The length of the building was extended the length of two windows. The interior received new pews, a pulpit, lectern, communion rail, altar cross, pipe organ and other fixtures. A lighted cross was donated by a church member and added to the front of the church.

The Schramm residence, located next to the congregation, was purchased and donated to allow the entrance from County Highway FF to be paved. In order to do this, the school house, which had stood on the north side of the church for ninety-four years had to be razed.

On October 21, 1962, the congregation decided to discontinue German services. At the same meeting, Sunday School was set for 8:45am and worship at 10:00am. In 1974, a second Sunday morning service was added with Sunday School and Bible Study between the two.

June 1976 saw the completion of the Christian Growth Center where the offices and preschool classrooms are now located. In 1986, a new garage was added to the parsonage. In 1989, pew cushions were purchased and installed. In 1994, the narthex was added complete with restrooms, Sunday School rooms and an elevator. In 1997, a septic mound system was added for the church, school and parsonage. A new sign was also added to the west entrance after the previous sign was taken out by a bulldozer during the reconstruction of State Highway 32.

1990 saw the beginning of Trinity Preschool for three- and four-year-olds. 1999 saw the institution of the Vicarage program and the first Vicar, Eric Goodwin, was installed on August 4, 1999.