Tim Llewellyn (2001-2002)

I have been at Oakley, Kansas, for two and a half years now. Keri and I have adjusted well. Joshua and Steve are growing up and I could easily write a book on all that they do. Their attitudes are great for being PKs. They enjoy church and help out quite a bit. One of my greatest moments as a father was when our organist couldn’t play one week. She called on Thursday evening to let me know. I had the idea to ask Josh and Steve if they would lead the service. Josh has been playing piano now for about three years, Steve for two. Josh is a natural and took the majority of the service, playing melody only. As I sang the chant portions of the service Josh led flawlessly. Steve played the Clavinova for two hymns so that Josh didn’t have so much to learn. Between the two of them, they practiced and led us through the service just fine. I was so proud of both of them.

I myself have settled into the ministry and things seem to be going well. There always seems to be plenty to do. Someone is getting their feathers ruffled about nothing, someone else gets sick, or there is a car accident. If not these, it is one of the busy Advent or Lent seasons or a holiday. The ministry keeps me hopping but I seem to keep plugging away.

We have a great opportunity to bring up the children in the faith here in Western Kansas. Wednesday evenings we have confirmation but also something called ‘Midweek’. That is a class that meets from 4th through 6th grades. It gives me the opportunity to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Bible before the students ever reach confirmation. I prepare a lesson and teachers deliver it. During my confirmation class which is at the same time, I leave them with a short assigment and take the opportunity to go and have a few words with the other class. It seems to work well and grades 4-6 have opportunity to grow in their faith from an early age. All the towns in Western Kansas reserve Wednesday evening for ‘Church Night’. No games, no activities and such without the permission of the churches! Can you imagine that?!

Life is simple in KS. We are learning to adapt to the area. The people are wonderful and they would do anything to help you. We have a nice home and a very comfortable church, home, and town. Western KS is very sparsely populated. With population of about 2000 people, Oakley is one of the biggest towns around. I would guess that we are in the top twenty biggest cities in the western third of the state. We just got a new Home Depot in the area – just 90 miles away in Hays. It is nice having a complete hardware store so close!!!

Keri has been busy homeschooling the boys and she uses some of her spare time for her stamping hobby and scrap booking. She has been a wonderful support to me in the ministry, often remembering details that I forget. She keeps me on my toes so that I don’t forget things like nursing home services on Sunday afternoons.

We pray that all our dear friends at Trinity are doing well and that God has continued to increase his goodness toward you. May you remain sound in the teachings of the Word that you and all your family would rejoice with us in eternity.

Grace and peace to you all.

Pastor Tim Llewellyn

Now Serving: Home Address:
Immanuel Lutheran Church
206 E 7th St
Oakley, KS 67748